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Logan Echolls
Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass.
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3rd-Mar-2010 07:41 am - Hyperion, Wednesday Morning
At some point, long beyond when it could still be considered "night", Logan emerged from Angel's suite, extremely drunk, wearing only a long shirt and singing a rather catchy tune.

"I wear no pants! I we-a-er no pants!" he sang. "I wear no, wear no, wear. no. pants!" He bounded down the main staircase. "Mark well upon my lance! It bounces whilst I dance! For I wear! No! Pants!"

[For the boyfriend, then Open to all in the Hyperion!]
May contain snark
In response to a challenge, Logan had found a bakery that made bacon cinnamon rolls and ordered a box delivered.

Now he had his feet up on his desk while he contemplated ordering new business cards and waited for his witness to arrive.

[For the vampire who was a detective before it was cool! Thanks to demonbelthazor for the tip on the bacon cinnamon rolls.]
Logan knew the exact moment he came back to himself because that was the moment he realized he was sleeping in the freezer. "Holy Mother of God!" he yelped. He pushed the freezer open and scrambled out. "What the hell kind of vampire sleeps in a fucking freezer!" he demanded of the empty kitchen.

Which reminded him that he'd been a vampire all weekend which lead to a whole 'nother round of swearing and a few minutes puking in the sink. He hadn't actually managed to feed off anyone, but he had consumed both pig's blood and blood-bank blood and he did not know how Angel drank that shit every single day.

Logan rinsed his mouth out with a quick glass of water and headed up to room 238. He was shivering so badly his teeth chattered. A fucking freezer! He shook his head. Hot bath, right the hell now and he'd worry about all the weird stuff - like Veronica's built-in tasering ability - once he felt fully human again.

Josef: Suspenders
Josef couldn't remember what he'd done the night before, but it must've been a hell of a party. He'd passed out in a bed. And where on Earth had he ended up this time?

Right. He was keeping a low profile, since all of Los Angeles (or at least the parts that mattered) thought he had been blown up with his office. He found a wallet on the nightstand and examined the contents. It appeared he would be going by the name "Logan Echolls" for the time being.

The fridge was well-stocked with blood, so he heated up a glass in the microwave while he made a few phone calls. Staying in some vintage hotel was all fine and dandy, but there were certain amenities he wasn't going to do without. He took a sip of the blood and gagged. Had it gone bad? No, no, it was far worse. He spat it back in the mug and wiped his mouth. "Oh, Mick!" Josef sighed at the mug. "Pig's blood. You have gone too far, my friend." He made one more call.

An hour later he had showered and changed into a proper suit. He sipped at a fresh glass of O Positive and read the day's Wall Street Journal while two girls wearing high heels and very little else massaged his feet.

[For that other vampire.]
14th-Nov-2008 07:18 pm - Email from Logan
in the car
TO: [fandomhigh list]
FROM: logan@angelinvestigations.com

Greetings, my fellow Americans! As you know, November 27th is Thanksgiving Day. Greetings also to non-Americans. If you haven't figured out the whole Thanksgiving thing yet, don't worry about it. It's just a feast we share with our friends and family and people you wish would abruptly disappear never to be seen again.

We, the residents of the Hyperion Hotel in this particular version of Los Angeles, invite you to join us to celebrate this event. Piper and Veronica will be cooking and there'll be plenty of food for all. Plus we will have a raffle! Winner gets a half-demon of their very own to take home. He's really very charming. I'm sure you won't want to let him go.

Let us know if you're coming (and if you're bringing anyone) so we can have enough food ready.

Logan Echolls

[Current residents of the Hyperion are Logan, Angel, Piper, Veronica, Bel, Phoebe and Anders. If you're even remotely connected with any of these people, you got an email if you want one. Characters can bring additional guests whether they know these people or not.]
13th-Oct-2008 10:40 am - A Room at the Arms, Monday Morning
Like so many others on the island, Logan woke feeling as though the events of the weekend had been just a horrible dream.

And then he realized the body he was snuggled up with had a heartbeat.

"Oh my God!" He leapt out of bed and grabbed his clothes. "Ew ew ew I'm gonna puke!"
When Logan found the note to meet in the room he had secretly reserved in another name, he thought he knew who to expect there. No one was in the room when he arrived. He unbuttoned his shirt and draped himself sexily in a chair to await the other's arrival.
The office had reached the point where something had to be done and so Logan was working, doing filing, even, on a freaking Saturday. They needed more staff, but hiring was a pain in the ass. Logan wished they could just find someone right for the job. A person (or people) who could handle weirdness and office crap without running away screaming.

Be careful what you wish for, Logan.
20th-Jul-2008 03:55 pm - OOC: Ravelry Group
It came up in the Entertainment post that a number of us are textile addicts. So if you're an FHer who knits, crochets, spins, collects yarn or just would *like* do do any of those things, come join our Ravelry group!
May contain snark
Angel had gone out to fetch his own dinner. (They could've had the blood delivered, but wouldn't the tabloids just love that?) Logan gave a cursory examination of the contents of the kitchen and decided to order in Chinese.

He had been doing his best not to think about what day it was. Even as he packed up boxes to take back to L.A. (as long as he was stuck here, he might as well do something productive) he didn't really look at the photos and memorabilia. Four years had past and the wound still hadn't fully healed.

And then it all came tumbling down, brought about by, of all things, a can of soda. He'd grabbed an orange Skist from the fridge without thinking about it, but he hadn't had a Skist in years (he'd never found the brand outside of his own dimension) and the taste brought back a sudden vivid memory of a time Before Everything.

Lilly didn't like the orange Skist. She insisted it had a weird lemon-Pledge taste, which Duncan, Veronica and Logan had all tried to detect and failed. One afternoon when they'd been experimenting with mixed drinks in the poolhouse, Logan had come up with a concoction with the Skist. Lilly proclaimed, in a dramatic announcement complete with a majestic pose that made Veronica fall off the bed giggling, that Logan had finally discovered the recipe that made the orange Skist not just drinkable, but "positively delightful." She'd said it in this faux-pompous accent and held the cup with her little finger sticking out. Her t-shirt had ridden up so her belly was exposed and Logan couldn't resist tackling her to kiss it and knocked over her drink in the process. He'd never managed to mix that drink again, despite countless experiments and promises of what he'd be rewarded with if he did succeed in replicating it.

It was all the fault of the damned Skist that when Angel returned, he found Logan on the couch with chow mein and whiskey, looking through a scrapbook that Lilly and Veronica had made years ago.

At least he'd found something to distract him from that annoying ankle monitor. It was beginning to chafe.

[For notstakedyet]
6th-Sep-2007 08:58 pm - OOC: Availability/Communication
Drinking champagne
Although Logan is still in the game as an alumni, I haven't had time to keep up with my FH f-list lately, so if there's something I need to know, please contact me directly. All the contact information in my userinfo is current and correct.
5th-Aug-2007 04:32 pm - OOC: Portalocity
May contain snark
If anyone's looking for Portalocity.com, I've moved it to http://portalocity.fiddlergirl.com. I decided not to renew the domain name since I've never done more than put up the first page.
23rd-Feb-2007 08:35 pm - Hyperion Hotel, Friday Evening
May contain snark
After the phone call with Parker, Logan gave Angel a warning look. "Don't even think about it," he said.
27th-Jan-2007 06:31 pm - Hyperion Lobby, Saturday Evening
Logan sat on the top of the red lounger in the lobby, feet resting on the seat. He wore his usual jeans, flannel and t-shirt, but a gun holster was strapped on under his flannel, complete with gun. His hands were clasped together and he fidgeted impatiently as he waited for the portal.
Fell in love with a boy
After they ordered their coffee, Logan and Veronica found a booth near the window. "So," Logan began. "How's Cam treating you?"
26th-Dec-2006 08:29 pm - Hyperion Lobby, December 26
The full buffet of yesterday is no longer there, but all the Christmas decorations remain up.

A few packages are still under the tree.

[Open to all in L.A.]
18th-Nov-2006 04:52 pm - Saturday, November 18 - Evening
Logan had on his best suit and tie and was waiting in the lobby of the Hyperion for Angel to come down.
Hanging around
When Logan finally made it back to the hotel after the dance, Angel was already asleep. Logan showered and cleaned up his wounds in his own room, then went through the connecting doors to the other room and crawled into bed next to Angel.

Logan's head was pounding when he woke up the next morning. He considered getting up for painkillers and/or alcohol, then decided it was less painful to stay put.
13th-May-2006 03:32 pm - Logan's cell phone
May contain snark
Woman's voice:

I'm sorry, you have reached a number that is out of range or no longer in service. Please check the number and try your call again.
in the car
Logan pulled the XTerra out of the parking lot of the car storage facility. All his essentials were thrown in the back. He had a full tank of gas, plenty of tequila and enough cash to keep him going for quite some time.

So the question now was - going where?

He watched the stoplights change a couple of times (fortunately, the street was empty) and pondered his options. Finally, he made a decision. He turned left at the light and didn't look back.

[Goodbyes can still be slow-played here. *sniffles*]
Eyebrows & Handcuffs
Logan was packed. Big stuff was shipped back to Neptune for storage. Alcohol (except for his traveling stash) was boxed up and labeled for Parker. Small stuff was packed in his suitcase and laptop bag. Including his gun. Just in case.

Time to go.

Logan shut the door to his room. Then he punched in his security code a few times. Might as well have some M&M-like candies for the road.

[ooc: Last chance to say goodbye to Logan!]
Hanging around
Logan should have been packing. Instead he was laying on his bed, listening to his iPod. It was a good thing he wasn't prone to brooding, because he might've been fixated on his testimony at his dad's trial last Thursday, but he'd had the whole flight back from California to stress over that. Instead, he was contemplating surfing locations and deciding where to go first.
4th-May-2006 12:34 pm - Yearbook!
But I'm cute!
(Yearbook mega-list.)

[More links to be added as time permits. I know I've forgotten a ton of stuff.]

Logan took special note of these pages and photos in his yearbook.

First party he threw in Fandom.

Zombie weekend!

School council debates at his house.

A photo of himself and Rory at Homecoming with Marty and Angela, dressed like Breakfast Club refugees and drinking very good tequila.

Oh, man, someone put in pictures from the Dare. Who took that picture of their fridge covered in post-its?

The Ethics Slave Sit-In and the Say Yes to Vampires campaign. See? He did do his schoolwork sometimes.

Some stuff from Parent's weekend.

There he is, looking like a total dork in his Halloween costume. Hanging out with Angelus and Darla.

Life is Short party.

Locker 327.

Snow monsters, the destruction of his house, the Study Group.

Prom - hanging with Angel (and Bel), photo with Jaye, dancing with Rory.

Where did all the pictures of him as a bunny come from?!

[No OCD threads. Pick a spot (doesn't have to be listed above), put it in the subject line and sign away.]
Hanging around
Logan lay on his bed in the dark, wide awake. He was fully dressed in dark, non-descript clothing. The gun was tucked into his waistband and a couple of ski masks sat on the desk.
Logan dug his gun out of the closet and loaded it as he waited for Bel to arrive.
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