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Logan Echolls

Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass.

2 March 1988
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And let’s not forget Logan Echolls. His dad makes twenty million a picture. You probably own his action figure. Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass. He’s ours. - Veronica Mars, "Pilot"

What your character might know about Logan Echolls, without even speaking to him:

Logan Echolls is the son of Aaron Echolls, A-list movie star. Think Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis or even Tom Cruise. His mother, Lynn Echolls, was a famous actress in her own right, though she's not as popular as she used to be. (Think Demi Moore, pre-comeback) If you're from this dimension (or a similar one), you've probably heard of them.

You've probably also heard the rest of the story - Aaron's philandering, Lynn's suicide, Aaron's arrest for the murder of Lilly Kane - Logan's girlfriend, with whom Aaron was having an affair until she discovered the sex tapes he'd made of her and threatened to make them public.

Logan himself has been in the news a few times. Last year, the Bumfights he organized made the Smoking Gun website, but he and Aaron made an appearance at a local soup kitchen to apologize, and Aaron even donated half a million dollars to the Neptune Food Bank.

This spring he was found on the Coronado Bridge with a bloody knife in his hand and the dead body of Felix, a local biker, laying nearby. He was arrested for murder, but the case was dismissed, in part because Felix and five other bikers had jumped him on the bridge and beat the crap out of him, so even if he had killed Felix, it was in self-defense. Having high-priced lawyers arguing your case doesn't hurt.

See Logan's updated bio for Fandom High canon.

Need to reach me? Just leave a message on my cell phone 311-9127. Or email me, if you want to keep it on the down-low [screened].

Logan lives off campus. (Number 20 on the map.)

ginger_mac - Missing
adolescent_alan - Missing
radekzelenka - Missing

likeguidelines lives in the crow's nest.

Logan has two items on him at all times (unless stated otherwise) - a leather-wrapped stainless steel flask (contents vary, though they're always alcoholic) and a Zippo lighter with the engraving, "FREE AT LAST". He always wears a puka shell necklace with a cross.

Logan is from Veronica Mars. Brief bio here. For roleplaying purposes only, no copyright infringment intended.

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